Gangetic Dolphin: On the verge of extinction


Dolphin is basically a mammal found in the oceans, but some of its species are also found in freshwater. Just a few years ago, only 4 out of 88 freshwater dolphin species in the world were found to be alive, but only 3 remained by 2006. The dolphin named Baigi was found in freshwater of the Yangtze River of China, which is now gone extinct. Now except for the Ganga, only two dolphin species are found only in the Indus and Amazon rivers, which are known as Bhulan and Bota.

Why Customer Satisfaction is Pivotal for Any Business

Mirza Arique Alam

Customer is God – every marketer chants this slogan! My current job profile allows me to interact with customers and take their feedback. As a content professional I could only write and strategize the steps to take while selling services or products to customers. But after the exercise of conversing with customers I could understand the other side of the business. I must say it was an enriching experience and everyone should take a step forward to talk to clients/customers.

Let's uphold human rights for a more just world

Dr. Lalit Kishore

On the occasion of the Human Rights Day, 10 December, celebrated across the world, UN Chief, Antonio Guterres, in his message stated, "Today we also honour the human rights defenders risking their lives to protect people in the face of rising hatred, racism, intolerance and repression."